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game on

The plan continues smoothly. Josh comes over a few days a week to crash and work on Amelia. The best work gets done when we’re all together. So now I’m (Mike) working on lettering, and on this blog, and Josh … Continue reading

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“this face sucks”

Whenever we first get together, Josh spends about the first hour doing drawings he hates, complaining about his inability to draw Amelia right, and suspecting he has in fact lost ALL his artistic talent since we last got together. Once … Continue reading

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a helping hand

Because I’ve drawn a lot of comics myself, there’s a lot I can do to assist Josh in getting the linework done. – like sketching in the elaborate buildings that will be in a long, overhead shot (one that Josh … Continue reading

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back to work

Josh came over tonight to get a few more days in on the project. We started by looking at what we had and what the script called for next, after Amelia first encounters the aliens. Josh jumped into penciling the … Continue reading

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inking in Illustrator

Josh is doing most of the inking with a brush, but for things as technical and precise as the alien ship, I suggested we take a shot at inking them in Adobe Illustrator. It will allow us to get “perfect” … Continue reading

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Moving forward

Josh came to Mike’s place and crashed a few days. In between doing art events, we found plenty of time to work on Amelia. Now we’re about 1/4th of the way through the pencil work, and about half of those … Continue reading

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How late were you up, bro?

This is what happens when you stay up drawing all night… progress.

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