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to do list…

Finish drawing circuitry panel Print full color mockup Finish colors and effects Decide on cover image Create title/copyright page Create back/endcap page Launch kickstarter fundraiser Decide on a printer Publish book Realize all our dreams and live happily ever after … Continue reading

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It’s true that this comic took a few twist and turns (and pauses) after what was a great start. I’m so proud we stuck with it. Anyone who ever seriously wanted to¬† make comics has had the experience of getting … Continue reading

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What does music look like?

When our main character, Amelia, plays piano her compositions are so powerful that we depict music notes and the energy of their sound vibration flying through the air, engulfing other characters. This effect was dreamed up by Mike and Chris … Continue reading

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signs of life

post by ML The Amelia team got together today to look at the entire book and see what remains to birth our comic into the world. We didn’t plan on taking a long break, and things have changed a lot … Continue reading

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I know… I know…

I feel like Han Solo, “It’s not my fault!” Although some of it probably is. Amelia has slowed down in the final stages. Careers, family, holidays, life, and death have all called. It’s very close to completion. New art and … Continue reading

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a milestone for the project- a big one

Josh Boulet finished the line art last night. Every drawing of the comic (except one that Mike will be drawing in Adobe Illustrator) is now complete. That’s LINEWORK- meaning each drawing has been penciled and inked. There’s still plenty to … Continue reading

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It’s almost 1am as I type this. The Amelia team got together tonight for an all-nighter-ish work session. It was time to gather and knock out a bunch of art. Progress is good. Josh is only a handful of panels … Continue reading

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