signs of life

post by ML

The Amelia team got together today to look at the entire book and see what remains to birth our comic into the world.

We didn’t plan on taking a long break, and things have changed a lot since we last gathered. Josh has been all over this year, drawing. Chris is about to have his first baby. And I’ve been busy with the local art scene and some personal matters.

But this comic keeps calling to us. Amelia currently stands at around 95% done and finishing fast.¬†Every single image is penciled inked. All the pages are composed and lettered. Chris is coloring up the last few panels. He has 3 to fully color and then some effects to add to a handful of others. He’s actually making a lot of progress even as I’m typing this.

Thanks to everyone who’s asked about the book and is interested in seeing it come out.I even met a stranger today who asked me to at least put up a new blog post. Well Mike, here it is.

We’ve locked a follow up meeting onto next week’s calendar. I’ll keep you informed.




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2 Responses to signs of life

  1. Mike Ramsey says:

    Wow. Well over a year. Gotta give Boulet credit when he said nothing since 2010 since it was jan of 2011 lol. Anyway, here’s to seeing a finished product!!

  2. Boulet says:

    Thanks Mike R! Yeah man good to be back on this, and everything happens for a reason… right?

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