It’s almost 1am as I type this. The Amelia team got together tonight for an all-nighter-ish work session. It was time to gather and knock out a bunch of art.

Progress is good. Josh is only a handful of panels away from being finished with all the drawings for the entire book, which I think is scaring Chris.

Chris’ coloring takes time, but we really don’t want to rush that part. The colors have been getting a real reaction from everyone we’ve showed them to. There’s a lot of detail that goes into them, especially when he’s working on those fractal patters in the aliens.

Fortunately we’ve taken some time tonight to just enjoy hanging out together too. Hallie and Deb made dinner and then followed it up with brownies and ice-cream!

Plus we found time to watch Eternal Sunshine, and even get a little hackey sack in.

You can’t rush quality.

“This is called Composition for Lonely Aliens Who’ve Been Traveling in Space So Long They Forgot How Beautiful Music Is“. – Amelia Chang

More soon.

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4 Responses to all-nighter

  1. Joey says:

    Looking good, guys!

  2. Mike Ramsey says:

    Awesome!!! Keep it up!

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