a milestone for the project- a big one

Josh Boulet finished the line art last night. Every drawing of the comic (except one that Mike will be drawing in Adobe Illustrator) is now complete. That’s LINEWORK- meaning each drawing has been penciled and inked. There’s still plenty to do in terms of coloring it, lettering it, and putting it all into a production document, etc etc.

But it’s a huge milestone and the first part of the project that can be labeled “complete” since the completion of the script.

Of course Chris still has about half a book to color while we wait for him:

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7 Responses to a milestone for the project- a big one

  1. Boulet says:

    LOL at Chris. This project has been a blast, and even though I’m finished with the line art I think I’ll still be able to find small things to help the crew out. Thanks to everyone who has been following the blog!

  2. Its_always_Sonnie_in_Philly says:


  3. Mike Ramsey says:

    Boulet finished??? that’s not the Josh I know 😉 lol

  4. RollingRockMan says:

    Guys whats up with this? The last entry was in the begining of Aug?!?! There you said the artist had completed his work, so I can only assume you must finish colors, text, and tighten up any loose ends? Okay, so…. make another post! Let me know something is still going on with this beautful project! AUGHH!!!!!! Ya Killing me!

  5. Ben H says:

    Um, update?

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