strong progress

As promised, when we showed up to Chris’, a number of newly colored images awaited us.

His work continues to inspire. I love the overall tone in the above image. Everything just works together in a intelligent mixture of grays and blues. That glass effect on the Dad in the window in the background, as well as the reflective shadows under everyone’s feet are more examples of what Chris is bringing to the project.

Boulet has done gorgeous drawings and Chris has taken them a step farther. All this attention to detail is what’s giving us that “High-Disney” look we we’re shooting for.

Here’s a good shot of the work he’s doing on the Alien Leader. Check out those organic images in her cheek flaps. Chris used fractal images to give them a transparent “jellyfish-ish” look. Wild.

There are more than a half dozen new images of this quality. (Sorry, can’t show you all of them…yet) Further proof of how smoothly this is all going was in how few changes Josh and I requested in the new colors. Almost everything was spot on in the first go.

With this batch of color, we now have several pages of the book complete (meaning art- colors- letters). It’s definitely starting to become a finished book now and not just a collection of drawings.

There’s still a lot to do even when all the production is done, but it was amazing to put 5 or 6 finished pages together and look at how they all worked in unison.

It’s on.


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7 Responses to strong progress

  1. Joey says:

    Looking great, guys.

  2. BOULET says:

    Mike is killing it on the Blog.
    Chris is killing it on the colors.
    an Boulet, well Boulet likes to drink beer and tell everyone else what to do.

  3. artlovemagic says:

    So proud! Can’t wait to read the book. And see the movie. 🙂 – Deb

  4. Mike Ramsey says:

    Looking kick ass… can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. Its_always_Sonnie_in_Philly says:

    WOW. I just found out about this!

  6. ComicFan247 says:

    When do we get some more of this? last post was the 7th! Are you guys already taking your 15min break?

    • artlovem says:

      ha! We’re back on the calendar to get together and work Friday.
      was kind of a tough month as Josh went to Canada and Mike went to Florida and artlovemagic was crazy busy.
      New stuff soon.

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