like a symphony of light

oh man… our girl looks so beautiful in full color!

The trio (Mike, Josh, and Chris) got back together tonight to eat spring rolls, listen to They Might Be Giants, and make a comic book.

Chris’ colors on this project continue to wow us. Just look at the image above, the glow effects coming out of the piano, or those bands of music notes flying from the stage.

It’s fun to watch him work too. He’s faster with his photoshop lasso than a rodeo cowboy is with a real one. Both Josh and I are picking up tips from him.

Here’s a great example of how much his work is affecting the book. The image to the right was colored by Mike, as an early color test, just to see what the art might start to look like as we dropped in color. Chris used this as a starting point and took the colors here:

Chris' wife Hallie watches him color

…Yeah, that’s what I said too.

Anyway, it’s really coming together. Again, because our book is a short story, this work we’re putting in has brought us to place where we can see the end coming on the horizon. It feels great to be making such progress.

Thanks to everyone who’s been checking out this blog and thanks to those of you who have left comments as well. Those act as fuel for us. Pretty much everytime someone says something nice, it’s passed between us and helps build all our enthusiasm.

It’s working! Look for Amelia Chang Alters the Course of the Universe soon.


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5 Responses to like a symphony of light

  1. GoJoe says:


  2. S.Wolfe says:

    Beautiful. Breathtaking. I LOVE it

  3. Craig.G says:

    Looks phenomenal!

  4. Dan_Da_Danko_Da-GrapeMan says:

    Wow. This might be the greatest thing I’ve seen in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time! Great work guys! Can’t wait to see MORE!!!

  5. artlovem says:

    thanks all! We’re having a blast. More this week.

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