We’ve been hanging together for a few days, Josh crashing on my couch, but yesterday we took a day off from working to just chill. The day before was a great, intense workday (shown in photos from the last post). So we took a day off.

We’ve been checking out some flicks, including Apocalypto (awesome), Wolverine (eh), and some Hulk VS. cartoons (pretty intense). We’ve been reading a bunch of comics.

I spend some time here and there on artlovemagic (the art collective myself and two friends started in 2007). And Josh is getting some work done on his Green Reffer strip for NUG magazine.

I’m glad we took a day off yesterday. Felt good to just hang. We’re about to head to the comic shop now, and plan on getting back to work on Amelia when we return.


Josh draws an upcomming episode of the Green Reefer

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One Response to Diversion

  1. Joey says:

    Apocalypto IS aweome!

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