a progression of color

I asked our colorist, Chris Garcia, to show us what coloring an image looks like in several stages. This will be panel 3 in our story:

Chris starts with the image above. Josh’s line art has been scanned and cleaned up. Chris gets an email with a perfectly black and white image.

And we begin. Here, Chris has blocked out the figures with colors and dropped the first few effects down (like the shine on the piano).

Chris uses Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet to color. It’s more than just choosing what colors go where. He has to be an artist too. Most of the decisions on shading, like the tones on the baby’s skin and clothes, are “drawn” in by Chris. This gives the figures depth. I’ve watched him do this by hand. He’s very fast and intuitive on where those shaded areas should be.

So Chris went to town with the background above. We’ve tried to find a few places where Chris could get some drawing in too, like creating a background. We had no idea he was going to do it this cool.

I asked him to make it look like a wealthy home. That definitely comes across with the beautiful work in the drapes and on that shiny floor.

We flipped out when we saw it.

And here’s the finished panel with music effects and colored line work. Music effects will be a BIG part of this story. Compare this image to the version directly above it and notice how the lines that make up the two characters’ bodies have been changed. What used to be the black of Josh’s ink is now a smoother, skin-tone color. This gives our project an animation look, something I’m very much in favor of. I want the book to feel like your reading the greatest animation short you ever saw.

More colors posted soon. Keep on checking back.


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One Response to a progression of color

  1. ghettoManga says:

    GANGSTER!!! I would’a been happy with figure 2!
    Better spring for the GOOD paper on this one! LOL!

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