new lineart from Josh

Here’s some new images from Josh on the project. You can click on any of these images to see them larger.

Our huge Alien Leader leans in to talk to Amelia. I asked Josh over and over to keep Amelia looking pretty stoic. Even though she’s only 4, she rarely displays a lot of emotion. I think he nailed her face perfectly here.

early color test on the Leader

I love his design on the Alien Leader. When writing the script, I always saw her as tall and thin, inspired from a few sources, including Taun We, a character from the movie Attack of the Clones. Taun We happens to be played by actress Rena Owen – a dear friend of mine, so it’s a bit of a tip of the hat to her.

Josh ran with the inspiration and made this design his own with those huge butterfly flaps that hang down from the her cheeks. They give our Alien a very distinct look, and will offer us an opportunity to do some cool visual stuff later. For instance, when Amelia actually starts playing her music for the Aliens, those flaps will vibrate, raise and glow with all kinds of cool colors – (see color test to the left).

The above drawing is one of my favorite panels so far. Great use of the piano itself to crop and frame the image. I think I can safely say that by the time this project’s over, Josh will have a good handle on drawing pianos.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back. I’ll keep posting as new work rolls in.


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4 Responses to new lineart from Josh

  1. artlovemagic says:

    So freakin cool. LOVE the line work and the artists. – Deb

  2. Joey says:

    Color test is FRESH.

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