the trio gathers

For the first time tonight Mike, Josh, and Chris all got together to work in the same room on Amelia.

Chris worked on colors for the early panels (amazing!!), while Josh and Mike figured out the breakdowns for the last half of the story. We listened to tunes by Radiohead and Playdough.

Now almost all 50 panels are laid out, we’re about halfway through the drawings, and we have a good start on the colors and letters. Good stuff.

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3 Responses to the trio gathers

  1. GoJoe says:

    Rock ‘n roll guys, sounds like it’s coming together great…

  2. S.Wolfe says:

    When do we get to see more?

  3. artlovem says:

    Thanks Joe and S.Wolfe.

    I try to update the blog a few times each time Josh and I get together and work. I’ll be posting some art Josh just sent over (and will continue to do so as it comes in).

    Chris is also thinking about posting some of the colored panels – in a few different stages so that people can learn more about the process of how he colors the art.

    Keep checking back. We’ll update throughout the entire project.


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