first colors from Chris… and they look gorgeous

version 1 - see v2 below

It didn’t take Chris long to start turning colors around. Earlier this afternoon he sent us a first proof of panel one. That version needed just a bit of tweaking, a little less harsh on the lighting, a little less separation between foreground and background.

An hour later Chris sent us version 2 and we’re both bouncing off the walls. Much more natural, a warm loving moment. Everyone’s more defined, and everything that was great about version 1 is still there. Check out the soft watercolor effects on the back walls and the warm lighting over Mom.
*you can click on the panel below to see it much larger

To compliment that softness in Chris’ colors we’re thinking about using color-toned narration boxes and line borders (rather than the standard black and white).

Loving it. Everything on this project is going in the right direction.

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4 Responses to first colors from Chris… and they look gorgeous

  1. S.Wolfe says:


  2. artlovem says:

    yeah, that’s what I said.

  3. looks greaat so far..keep on truckin’ thru it. -can’t wait..

  4. artlovem says:

    Thanks, Jerod. We’re having a blast.

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