big news for us

Amelia took a quantum leap forward tonight with the addition of a new member to our team.

Chris Garcia is a professional colorist who has worked for several big league comic book companies including Wildstorm, CrossGen, and Marvel- where he currently colors books like Marvel Adventures and XMen Forever.

We first met Chris at an artlovemagic event, about a month ago. A fast friendship led to talking about collaboration, which led to talking about Amelia.

Tonight Chris officially joined the team and took the first handful of files to begin working on Amelia. This will help us move faster, get gorgeous colors, and it adds another professional to our team with industry experience.

Things are looking great!

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6 Responses to big news for us

  1. artlovemagic says:

    Good to experience the magic of this ride with you. – Deb

  2. GoJoe says:

    Very cool!

  3. samax says:

    AWESOME! that’s gonna be a GREAT addition! Can’t wait to see what he does… his stuff is BONKERS!

  4. artlovem says:

    Yeah, it’s been good vibes how easily Chris came on to the project. And we got his first panels of colors today and got a lot of energy from that too. He nailed the soft look we were hoping for.

    Wonderful stuff.

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