The Script

The script Amelia Chang Alters the Course of the Universe was written by Michael Anthony Lagocki in 2009.

Here’s a Sample:

Panel 1

Baby (Amelia)- is just born. Wrapped in a hospital blanket and still covered in birth fluid, she is held lovingly in her Mother’s arms. Behind we can see her Father, wearing a suit, and holding a stuffed rabbit for her (a nod to test subject A).

Amelia was a genius at birth. She was born to a loving family.

Panel 2

1 year old Amelia sits on the floor in a room for her learning. She holds her stuffed rabbit. In fact it is with her for every scene from now until the end of the book. Her Father watches as multiple teachers attend to her. There are blackboards and learning instruments about.

Unlike many gifted children, Amelia’s every developmental need was provided for. Her Father’s wealth insured that she would have the total attention of the best instructors for any endeavor she chose.

Panel 3

Toddler Amelia sits at a piano next to her mother who plays. Mom’s eyes are closed and her head sways as she strikes the keys (Mom is a concert pianist), Notes fly into the air from her playing. Amelia holds her rabbit and watches. She is almost 2.


But it was her Mother’s love for piano which first captured her impressive mind.

Panel 4

Amelia (now almost 4 years old, the age she will stay for the rest of the story) sits at a piano in a concert hall. Thousands watch. Her piano alone on a large wood stage, the audience dampened in dark red lights. A swirl of complicated music notes fill the air (these are much more in number and complexity to those in the previous panel). Her rabbit sits on the piano with her.

It was a little over a year before she was playing to thousands at Albert Hall. Bored with memorizing even the best works of the great composers, she would play only originals, which she composed live as she performed.

Panel 5

Zoom in on her parents in the audience, enraptured by the music, tears streaming down their faces. If we can see any of the audience members around them, they are in tears as well.

Amelia’s music, said critics, touched your very soul and stirred emotions that no form of art were ever able to touch. Audiences wept regularly as she played.

Panel 6

The Chang’s living room- filled with scientists, and suits, and military representatives all there to see Amelia. Mr. Chang talks to one, while Mrs. Chang nervously tries to serve everyone tea. Amelia, oblivious, sits in the middle of the floor and holds her rabbit.

The heads of departments from the best facilities and universities all over the world came to try and enlist Amelia into their particular professions and institutions. Each knew the great strides that would be made in their respective fields should they succeed.

Panel 7

Space- A giant spaceship descends toward earth. Note- It’s important not to make this look generic. Those inside are the most advanced species in the galaxy, so we need some inspiration for their ship design. They would fly on technologies we wouldn’t understand. Organics and metal harmonized together into the universe’s most advanced vehicle.

So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when those from beyond this world came to enlist her as well.

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